My Krissmass Tree!

Here I am, admiring my beyootifull Krissmass tree. I helped Mom with efurry aspekt, inclooding placement of ornamints, hanging of garland, and chekking of lites. It took a furry long time, becuz I am furry pikky abowt whare things go.
Bean has bin cot sleeping underneeth it and messing up the tree skurt. I kno bettur than that.
We haf until the day aftur New Yeer's to enjoy it. YAY!


Fangk Yoo!

My Mom's eyes leeked frum all the messuges frum owr frends. Fangk yoo furry much fur yur warm welcome bak!

Mom has bin haffing a lot of migrane hedakes, so we haff bin bizzy keeping hur company. The wether has bin sort of depressing also. We had a cupple days abowt a week ago ware we had sum sun, and we all sat out on the balcony and enjoyed it furry much. We haff much to be thankfull fur. We are warm and fed (altho not enuf!), owr Mom and Dad are furry happy together, and we all luff eech other furry much.


I Think I'm Bak

I hope sum kitties remembur me. Mom has taken a long brake frum almost efurrything. We are dooing fine, and thanks for efurrywun that aksed aftur us. We are trying to get bak in the game! Obviusly, I am furry serius- yoo can tell by my pose.

I unnersatnd frum Mom that we are putting up owr krissmass tree next Friday. This is furry exsiting! Mom got a new fat cat ornament that I can't wate to take down. I'll be shure to take lots of pikshures!

Hope efurrywun is well, and tok to you soon!


Owr Frend Mr. Hendrix

Owr furry good frend Mr. Hendrix nominated us for the Schmoozing Award! We haf neffur been nominated fur anything befur! We gladly accept!
Thank yoo fur this onner, Mr. Hendrix!


Tagged by Flynn

I got tagged by Flynn for this meme. I haf put on my thinkin cap, so heer we go:
What were you doing 10 years ago?
I weren't born yet.
What were you doing a year ago?
Probly eeting.
What are your five favorite snacks?
French Fries
Ginger Snaps
Perfume and toofpaste (just had to squeez in dat last wun!)
Five songs you know all the words to:
Bean does most of the singin rownd here, but Mom says I'm reely good at flirty singing.
Five things you would do if you had a million dollars:
Make shure efurry animule has a grate home.
Pay off Mom and Dad's mortgage (I'm not shure wut this is, but thay tawk a lot abowt it.)
Wurld peece.
Make shure all trips to the V-E-T are paneless and affurdabul.
Let Dad retire.
Five bad habits:
Dis is mor Bean's department, but since I was the wun tagged,
Constunt hunger and begging to fill it up
Runnin reel, reel fast under Mom's feet
My luv uf the computer (Mom's ishue, not mine)
I onestly can't fink uf anuther wun, and I'm not going to ask Mom!
Five likes:
Five things I'll nefur wear again:
I don't do clothes enny fafurs, so Mom duzn't put them on me. I'm surt of the "naked' type.
Five favorite toys:
Nip tiger tail
Bean's tail
Most kitties have alreddy bin tagged, but if yoo haffunt, yur tagged now!


Only Rumers

Thare haf bin sum nasty rumers (I fink Bean started them) that I don't haf good pursunal hygene. Heer are sum akshun pikshures that shoe that I reely doo wash myself. Mom says that thees pikshures wur furry diffikult to take becuz I purrform this task at the speed of lite.


Owr New Squllion!


We finally adopted a Squillion! Hiz name is "Pompoen," witch meens "pumkin" in Dutch. He is named in memory of a ginger cat that Mom fownd sleeping in a pile of durt in thare garden. Thay tried to adopt him, but he tarrorized the uther too kitties thay had. Thay traded him to Mom's parents (Oma and Opa) for one of thare cats, hoo was feral and at the bottom of a five-kittie totem pole. (She thrived wif Mom and Dad.) Pompoem then tarrorized Oma and Opa's four kitties, and then Pompoen ended up being deported to Canada in 1999 to live with Oma's sister. That was a purrfect fit. Tante L and Pompoen wur furry happy toogether, and Pompoen never tarrorized anuther kittie.

This is all furry impurrtant wif tooday's Homeland Security. I don't think Pompoen, wif his tarrorist record, woold haf bin allowed offur the border now.

So, Pompoen lives on!


A New Howse!

Look wut Mom bot us- sum new reel estayte! It has eers, whipskers and a tale!
It's reely sturdy- I haf conducted sum comsumer tests on it. Yoo can get inside and make it bownse arownd, yoo can scratch at it, yoo can attak Bean and other Beans, and yoo can sleep in it. Yoo can put yur toys in thare and beet the crap owt of them. All-in-all, a vary vursatyle abode.
Bean likes to sleep in it- yoo can bearly see hur in thare. She's surt of lazy.
Mom sed she got it at Ikea fur just $6.99 (she's sort of a cheep-skate.) It is eezy to assembell, and furry lite-wate.
Mom is the best when she puts owr needs furst. She just has to remane furry fokused on that.



When it's raining owtside,
When I haven't had a good nite,
When Bean is being partikularly bothersum,
When I don't get enuf food to sustane my lifestile,
When I can't find my toys,
When my faforitt jaket is noware to be fownd,
When Mom isn't arownd,
I just like to pretend life is not happening.


Layzy Days

I've had a purrty layzy last munth. Mom made it thru the surjery fine- but she has been purrty tired. Bean and I have made furry sure that she hasn't bin lonely. We haf an arrangement that Bean gets Mom's left knee and I get efurryware else. Dad has becum a wee bit more impurrtant becuz Mom can't bend down to feed us, so he has been the Food Dude. We now regognise the sownd of his car and get off Mom's lap (for ushually the furst time of the day) and run to the kitchen fur owr vittles.
Mom wint on hur furst unsupervised drive yesturday. She didn't take any pain medisin so she cud drive. It seemed to be suksesful becus she got home in wun peece, with no tikket.
I hope she stays home still- I've become akusstummed to hur presens.


I've Been Tagged!

Tiger Lily tagged me to tell you seven random facts about Bean and myself.

First, here are the rules:

* Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves.
* Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules.
* You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Second, heer are seven random facts abowt me:

1) I like to spy on the naybors.

2) I love digging, and I haf almost fownd China.

3) I love taking cheep shots at Bean.

4) I forget to roll my tongue up into my mowth, and wok arownd with it hanging out. I think I

look furry dignifyed.

5) I wud sumday like a gurlfrend, but not if she says I haf to haf my tongue in my mowth.

6) I see things that nowun else duz.

7) I wokked on a wet shower flor, and I survived!

Thurd, heer are seven random facts abowt Bean, as told by Bean:

1) I love to hang offur Mom's knee and get my butt slapped.

2) I love to clime up high ladders and sit way up on top.

3) I throw up in sum reely weerd places.

4) I have a speshul meow to let Mom know when I'm gonna hurl.

5) I walk like an armadillo.

6) My tummy is gold and furry, furry soft.

7) I haf the most beyootiful claws in the wurld, and wen Mom clips them, I run to the scritching

post and make them nue agin.

It looks like effuryone has bin tagged, and we haf enjoyed reeding the randum facts.

Mom wonts efurryone to know that we have been reeding effuryone's blogs, but she hasn't bin feeling well so she hasn't reelly ritten any comments. She has surgery tomorrow, so it mite be awile befour we catch up again.

Thanks fur all yur kindness!


Tortie Tuesday

This is Bean-In-A-Boks. Bean luvs to sit in a boks. Most kitties would curl up and sleep in thare boks, but not Bean. She can sit in thare with hur hed poking owt for offur an howr, in hur boks to noware.
She's furry weerd.


Thursday Thirteen- A Mom List

Thurteen Things Abowt Mom:
1. She wuz born in Victoria, Canada.
2. She has a dual citizenship wif Canada and Hollund.
3. English is hur secund language (she had to lurn it in kinnergarden) and Dutch
is hur furst.
4. She luvs us more than anybody else (don't tell Dad.)
5. She luvs to sail on sailboats- that's how she met Dad.
6. She luvs to make things.
7. She drove up to Alaska (2500 miles) in a 1967 VW bus with hur best friend, an 18-year-old
kitty and a big black dog.
8. She luvs to read (usually 2-3 books a week.)
9. She luvs old things.
10. She luvs to play the piano.
11. She's furry close to hur parents.
12. She luvs to comb us and play with us.
13. She's bin home fur the last five weeks, and we luv it (she will have spinal
fusion surjury on 18 May.)
My Mom is the best. She feeds us, plays with us and sleeps with us. We couldn't be lukkier!


We're in Catster!

We're in Catster now! Yay! Sorry fur being bad abowt keeping up with owr blog, but Mom has been in terrible pain and she needs surjury on her back (lumbar fushun.) She hasn't bin owt of the howse eksept fur bean V-E-T appointments fur three an a haf weeks. I've bin wurking hard at keeping her company, and I sit on hur all dae. She has bin reeding efurryone's blogs, but it's reely hard fur her to make comments, even with my instrukshuns. Her bak surjury isn't until 18 may, but she's trying to get it moved up.
Well, bak to wurk!


The Meme, Finully

I am finully reponding to the meme that has bin travulling arownd.

A) Four places I have lived:
1. Laurel bushes behind big old howse
2. Big, old (1906) howse
3. Brand new howse by lake
4. Brand new townhowse with balcony!

B) Four things I love to watch:
1. My computer!
2. Fud being put into fud dish
3. Fud going into my mowth
4. My furry mowse

C) Four places I have been outside my home:
1. The V-E-T
2. Noware else

D) Four websites I visit daily:
1. Skeezix
2. Cat Bloggysphere
3. All my bloggy frends
4. Mom's e-mail- so I can mess with the mail!

E) Four of my favorite foods:
1. Stroopwafels (Dutch cookies)
2. French Fries
3. Gingersnaps
4. Perfume/sunblock

F) Four places I would rather be right now:
1. On Mom's lap
2. On bak balkony in sun
3. At fud dish eeting
4. On computer

G) Four toys I have owned and played with:
1. Shue lace
2. Furry mowse
3. Milk bottle top
4. Sprankeltje

H) Four nicknames my staff have tried to assign me:
1. LOKi POKi Puddin-in-a-pot (EEEEWWWW!)
2. Bud
3. LOKer
4. Bigpainintheass
I) Regarding Catnip:
1. Love it
2. It's nice
3. Could take it or leave it
4. Don't like it or can't have it
Answer: 1, but I can stop ennytime

J) Regarding Cat Grass:
1. Love it
2. It's nice
3. Could take it or leave it
4. Don't like it or can't have it
Answer: 3

K) First four things I'd buy after winning the lottery:
1. Endless supplie uf my fa-fur-it fuds
2. A home on a private EYE-LAND so we can all sit in de sun
3. A home fur efurry cat in de wurld
4. A computer fur efurry cat in de wurld

L) Four things I do besides eat, sleep, and litterbox:
1. Use my computer
2. Sit on Mom
3. Dreem big
4. Tok en tok en tok en tok

M) Four things I want to do this summer:
1. Figger owt how to get Dad to agree on gettin a stroller (help, Skeezix!)
2. Get a reel gud tan
3. Maybe get a gurlfrend (any ideas?)
4. Sleep in de sun

N) My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else:
1. My shue lace
2. Mom's lap
3. Mom's purr-fume en sunblock
4. My card-bord

O) What I’m going to do before tomorrow is over:
1. Sleep
2. Wurk on computer
3. Use litterbox

P) Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play?
1. Paper bags
2. Plastic bags
3. Boxes
4. Other (please describe)
Answer: My tunnel

Q) Four other "pets" your staff have kept with you:
1. Dad
2. Sprankeltje
3. Kitten (R.I.P.)


What Do LOKi and Sprankeltje Mean?

What LOKi Means

L is for Likeable

O is for Organic

K is for Keen

I is for Insane

What Sprankeltje Means

S is for Shy

P is for Peppy

R is for Relaxed

A is for Amazing

N is for Naughty

K is for Keen

E is for Energetic

L is for Lively

T is for Tame

J is for Juicy

E is for Energetic


Tortie Tuesday


Mom wants to thank effuryone fur thare purrars and thots. Her hart is still leeking, and she is haffing a furry hard time pulling it together. She can't cleen the howse becuz she duzn't wont to put Kitten's things away. Bean and I are trying to help, but it is furry hard.

Again, thanks so much. Mom apprishiates it SO MUCH.


A Furry, Furry Bad Day

Today is a furry, furry bad day. Mom took Kitten to the vet this mourning, and the vet fownd a large tomor in Kitten's abdomen. Mom has to go back to the vet when Dad comes home, and then they have the furry, furry hard task of having to put Kitten to sleep. Mom has been sitting here bawling all day, and she can't stop.
RIP, Kitten. We will miss you so furry much.


Am I a Weenie?

Yesturday, the sun came out, and we wur all sitting on the bak dek wurking on our suntans wen the nue naybur sez hello. Bean sat like a bag of roks, and Kitten peeked owt frum under a chaire. Wile Mom and the naybur were trading 1-liners, Mom looked at me and saw that I wuz litterally shaking in my nickers. I don't remembur effur doing this before. The naybur sed "sorry" to me, but that didn't stop me timbures from shivvering. Mom just laffed an sed that I could go in the howse annytime I wanted to (she had a poynt- the dore was wide open.)

I survived, but duz all this make me a weenie?


Thursday Thirteen

Here are sum pikshures uf sum uf my Mom's cat collekshun. Beware that sum uf dem are burdering on the bizarre. They were gathered frum all offur the wurld, inclooding Meksico, Hollund, Tieland an grater Washingtun State. She wus also pretty blurry wen she tuk the pikshures.


Torti Tuesday- In Memory of Bontepoes

This Tortie Tuesday is in memory of Mom's dad kitty Bontepoes. She was a rescue kitty, and she was FIV positive. She was the girliest cat ever, and ever-so-sweet. She died on 30 January 2007, and she will be missed.


Bean and Her Sleeping Habits

Bean likes to sit rite on the edge of the top of chairs. She's usually okay fur awile, but then her eyes close an she starts to drift into sleeep. Her chin goes to hur chest, and she snores away. We all like to sit an watch while hur hed goes lower an lower, and then she falls off the chair!!!!
She duzn't seem to lern frum hur ecksperiences, so we get this show fairly offen.


I'm Surt uf Bakk!

Hi effuryone! Thanks so much fur all yur well-wishes. Mom has bin purrty bizzy, and has not bin able to help me on the computer. I'm doing so much bettur wif my my new medicashun. Hardly enny weezing azma attaks en littul seeshure shakes.
The sun has bin owt, so Mom has opened the bakk dore, and we're allowed t0 sit on teh bakk dekk. Boy, how we luf that! Mom likes to sit wif us and reed books. It makes all owr IQ's apeer higher, espeshully if she reeds non-fikshun.
Dad wus ordered owt of the howse to buy more kittie fud. He fownd Kitten wif his hed in the bag uf food. We were surt uf wundering why Kitten hasn't had much uf a appy-tite. Mom wus reddy to take him to the V-E-T!


The V-E-T

Well, the V-E-T has deturmined that I haf azma. Lukkily I didn't haf to haf a cat-scan. Now I haf to take sum meddicashun fur fureffur. Fank you, effuryone, fur yur well wishes. It's nise to be luffed! Also, fank yu fur letting my Mom no abowt Pill Pokkets! Now I get anuffer treet during the day!

I got to go to the appointment in style- in the MINI Cooper. I felt furry impurrtant. Mom brot a kome becuz I luf to be komed (it comms me down) an she wor pufume fur me to lik. The V-E-T gave me sum oral-kare treets. I liked all the attenshun, but I told them wut's wut anyway. I reely wuz happy tu be home!


Worried Wednesday

I'm a bit wurried tuday. I ofurhurd Mom on the fone making an appointment wif the V-E-T fur me tumorrow. At the advise uf Kaze, she wonts to make shure I don't haf U-R-I. My mom lukked on the innernet an she thinks I probully haf azma, witch can be life-thretenning in a kittie. I gess I shud be happy Mom cares enuff to get this chekked owt immediatly!
The scary-carry box is allreddy owt...


Silly Sunday

I haf spent this murning being furry furry baaaad and silly. I pownced on por (that's wut Mom says) Kitten and went galloping aftur that fat little Bean. I helped Mom do a bunch uf scanning by sitting on the wunnerful vibrating scanner, and sorting all the papurs and pictures. Then I sat on hur compuuter. I tryed to steel Kitten 's fud a thousand and wun times, and begged fur illegal fud fur me (suksesfully, I mite add.)
I'm now resting fur part too.


Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I've Trained Mom To Do For Me
  1. Help me wif the computer
  2. Comb me efurry nite
  3. Laff when I'm being meen to The Others
  4. Sit fur owrs in the same possishun so as not to disturb me wen I'm on her lap
  5. Cleen owt the ikkies in my eyes
  6. Feed me ALL the time
  7. By me presents frum the kittie storrs
  8. Turn the heeter on fur me
  9. Let me sit on the table wen Dad's not home
  10. Cleen owt my pee and poo
  11. Lissen when I tell her wut's going on in the wurld
  12. Giff me illegal fud
  13. Treet me like I'm the King of the Wurld


Tortie Tuesday

This Bean on a "baff day." She akshully like them becuz she comes out all fluffy and clean.

Happy Tortie Tuesday to all the torties!


Happee Nue Yeer!

"If you don't talk to your cat about nip, who will?"
Well, it's 2007. I've bin bizzy hugging Mom fur the last week. She says we both need to bee "Fe-Breezed" cuz weer sort of moldy frum sitting on the cowch. That duznt sownd like fun.

Here's a foto of the three of us sitting on a chair that Bean hasn't hurled on...yet. You can tell how close we are.
We got sum neet toys and a gud doze of nip, altho it had to wate until Mom got back frum the hospee-tul. She thankked us fur making her smile with owr antics. Then we went to sleeep.
We wish efurryone a furry ahppy and peecefull Nue Yeer!