When it's raining owtside,
When I haven't had a good nite,
When Bean is being partikularly bothersum,
When I don't get enuf food to sustane my lifestile,
When I can't find my toys,
When my faforitt jaket is noware to be fownd,
When Mom isn't arownd,
I just like to pretend life is not happening.


Layzy Days

I've had a purrty layzy last munth. Mom made it thru the surjery fine- but she has been purrty tired. Bean and I have made furry sure that she hasn't bin lonely. We haf an arrangement that Bean gets Mom's left knee and I get efurryware else. Dad has becum a wee bit more impurrtant becuz Mom can't bend down to feed us, so he has been the Food Dude. We now regognise the sownd of his car and get off Mom's lap (for ushually the furst time of the day) and run to the kitchen fur owr vittles.
Mom wint on hur furst unsupervised drive yesturday. She didn't take any pain medisin so she cud drive. It seemed to be suksesful becus she got home in wun peece, with no tikket.
I hope she stays home still- I've become akusstummed to hur presens.