Tortie Tuesday

This is Bean-In-A-Boks. Bean luvs to sit in a boks. Most kitties would curl up and sleep in thare boks, but not Bean. She can sit in thare with hur hed poking owt for offur an howr, in hur boks to noware.
She's furry weerd.


Daisy said...

Hi Bean! You look cute. What are you doing in there?

Caesar and Princess said...

Sometimes it is good to just stand and stare... if only to have every one ....wondering.

Bean is very pretty. That is a good box

We hope your mommie is doing well.
Give her a sandpaper kiss from us

Eric and Flynn said...

That's a furry nice box that Bean has got. Mebbe she sits up in it so efurryone can see it's her box.

Lux said...

She looks really happy in there. Or content. Or something. :)

Caesar and Princess said...

Just checking. we have been thinking about you.
Stay happy and peppy

Tiger Lily said...

Hi Loki. I just tagged you for the seven random facts about yourself meme. Please stop by my blog for the rules.

Bean looks very happy in that box. It sure looks like a good one!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Aw cute! You should submit her to "Cats In Boxes" I see Jack and Tiger Lily tagged you guys. I can't wait to read your things.