My First Post

Since I help Mom out on her blog everyday, I decided I want my own blog. By now I know the system, and I've always had an intimate relationship with Mom's computer. Seems like a good fit.
I might follow some other cats' blogs examples, and I hope I don't step on anyone's paws. My mom is eager to help format my template, so here are a couple of fast facts-
  • I have a brother, Kitten, and a sister, Sprankeltje.
  • We live in a townhome that has a wonderful deck in the back so we can finally enjoy the great outdoors.
  • I enjoy French Fries and stroopwafels (Dutch cookies.)
  • I speak enough English to know that I'm getting fed, and enough to ignore everything else.
  • I like to sit on my Mom's head.

More will be revealed (have to make sure that I have enough fodder for the future.) I will also be developing links to other cat cousin sites, so let me know you're out there!