The V-E-T

Well, the V-E-T has deturmined that I haf azma. Lukkily I didn't haf to haf a cat-scan. Now I haf to take sum meddicashun fur fureffur. Fank you, effuryone, fur yur well wishes. It's nise to be luffed! Also, fank yu fur letting my Mom no abowt Pill Pokkets! Now I get anuffer treet during the day!

I got to go to the appointment in style- in the MINI Cooper. I felt furry impurrtant. Mom brot a kome becuz I luf to be komed (it comms me down) an she wor pufume fur me to lik. The V-E-T gave me sum oral-kare treets. I liked all the attenshun, but I told them wut's wut anyway. I reely wuz happy tu be home!


Worried Wednesday

I'm a bit wurried tuday. I ofurhurd Mom on the fone making an appointment wif the V-E-T fur me tumorrow. At the advise uf Kaze, she wonts to make shure I don't haf U-R-I. My mom lukked on the innernet an she thinks I probully haf azma, witch can be life-thretenning in a kittie. I gess I shud be happy Mom cares enuff to get this chekked owt immediatly!
The scary-carry box is allreddy owt...


Silly Sunday

I haf spent this murning being furry furry baaaad and silly. I pownced on por (that's wut Mom says) Kitten and went galloping aftur that fat little Bean. I helped Mom do a bunch uf scanning by sitting on the wunnerful vibrating scanner, and sorting all the papurs and pictures. Then I sat on hur compuuter. I tryed to steel Kitten 's fud a thousand and wun times, and begged fur illegal fud fur me (suksesfully, I mite add.)
I'm now resting fur part too.


Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I've Trained Mom To Do For Me
  1. Help me wif the computer
  2. Comb me efurry nite
  3. Laff when I'm being meen to The Others
  4. Sit fur owrs in the same possishun so as not to disturb me wen I'm on her lap
  5. Cleen owt the ikkies in my eyes
  6. Feed me ALL the time
  7. By me presents frum the kittie storrs
  8. Turn the heeter on fur me
  9. Let me sit on the table wen Dad's not home
  10. Cleen owt my pee and poo
  11. Lissen when I tell her wut's going on in the wurld
  12. Giff me illegal fud
  13. Treet me like I'm the King of the Wurld


Tortie Tuesday

This Bean on a "baff day." She akshully like them becuz she comes out all fluffy and clean.

Happy Tortie Tuesday to all the torties!


Happee Nue Yeer!

"If you don't talk to your cat about nip, who will?"
Well, it's 2007. I've bin bizzy hugging Mom fur the last week. She says we both need to bee "Fe-Breezed" cuz weer sort of moldy frum sitting on the cowch. That duznt sownd like fun.

Here's a foto of the three of us sitting on a chair that Bean hasn't hurled on...yet. You can tell how close we are.
We got sum neet toys and a gud doze of nip, altho it had to wate until Mom got back frum the hospee-tul. She thankked us fur making her smile with owr antics. Then we went to sleeep.
We wish efurryone a furry ahppy and peecefull Nue Yeer!