Am I a Weenie?

Yesturday, the sun came out, and we wur all sitting on the bak dek wurking on our suntans wen the nue naybur sez hello. Bean sat like a bag of roks, and Kitten peeked owt frum under a chaire. Wile Mom and the naybur were trading 1-liners, Mom looked at me and saw that I wuz litterally shaking in my nickers. I don't remembur effur doing this before. The naybur sed "sorry" to me, but that didn't stop me timbures from shivvering. Mom just laffed an sed that I could go in the howse annytime I wanted to (she had a poynt- the dore was wide open.)

I survived, but duz all this make me a weenie?


Thursday Thirteen

Here are sum pikshures uf sum uf my Mom's cat collekshun. Beware that sum uf dem are burdering on the bizarre. They were gathered frum all offur the wurld, inclooding Meksico, Hollund, Tieland an grater Washingtun State. She wus also pretty blurry wen she tuk the pikshures.


Torti Tuesday- In Memory of Bontepoes

This Tortie Tuesday is in memory of Mom's dad kitty Bontepoes. She was a rescue kitty, and she was FIV positive. She was the girliest cat ever, and ever-so-sweet. She died on 30 January 2007, and she will be missed.


Bean and Her Sleeping Habits

Bean likes to sit rite on the edge of the top of chairs. She's usually okay fur awile, but then her eyes close an she starts to drift into sleeep. Her chin goes to hur chest, and she snores away. We all like to sit an watch while hur hed goes lower an lower, and then she falls off the chair!!!!
She duzn't seem to lern frum hur ecksperiences, so we get this show fairly offen.


I'm Surt uf Bakk!

Hi effuryone! Thanks so much fur all yur well-wishes. Mom has bin purrty bizzy, and has not bin able to help me on the computer. I'm doing so much bettur wif my my new medicashun. Hardly enny weezing azma attaks en littul seeshure shakes.
The sun has bin owt, so Mom has opened the bakk dore, and we're allowed t0 sit on teh bakk dekk. Boy, how we luf that! Mom likes to sit wif us and reed books. It makes all owr IQ's apeer higher, espeshully if she reeds non-fikshun.
Dad wus ordered owt of the howse to buy more kittie fud. He fownd Kitten wif his hed in the bag uf food. We were surt uf wundering why Kitten hasn't had much uf a appy-tite. Mom wus reddy to take him to the V-E-T!