Owr Frend Mr. Hendrix

Owr furry good frend Mr. Hendrix nominated us for the Schmoozing Award! We haf neffur been nominated fur anything befur! We gladly accept!
Thank yoo fur this onner, Mr. Hendrix!


Tagged by Flynn

I got tagged by Flynn for this meme. I haf put on my thinkin cap, so heer we go:
What were you doing 10 years ago?
I weren't born yet.
What were you doing a year ago?
Probly eeting.
What are your five favorite snacks?
French Fries
Ginger Snaps
Perfume and toofpaste (just had to squeez in dat last wun!)
Five songs you know all the words to:
Bean does most of the singin rownd here, but Mom says I'm reely good at flirty singing.
Five things you would do if you had a million dollars:
Make shure efurry animule has a grate home.
Pay off Mom and Dad's mortgage (I'm not shure wut this is, but thay tawk a lot abowt it.)
Wurld peece.
Make shure all trips to the V-E-T are paneless and affurdabul.
Let Dad retire.
Five bad habits:
Dis is mor Bean's department, but since I was the wun tagged,
Constunt hunger and begging to fill it up
Runnin reel, reel fast under Mom's feet
My luv uf the computer (Mom's ishue, not mine)
I onestly can't fink uf anuther wun, and I'm not going to ask Mom!
Five likes:
Five things I'll nefur wear again:
I don't do clothes enny fafurs, so Mom duzn't put them on me. I'm surt of the "naked' type.
Five favorite toys:
Nip tiger tail
Bean's tail
Most kitties have alreddy bin tagged, but if yoo haffunt, yur tagged now!


Only Rumers

Thare haf bin sum nasty rumers (I fink Bean started them) that I don't haf good pursunal hygene. Heer are sum akshun pikshures that shoe that I reely doo wash myself. Mom says that thees pikshures wur furry diffikult to take becuz I purrform this task at the speed of lite.


Owr New Squllion!


We finally adopted a Squillion! Hiz name is "Pompoen," witch meens "pumkin" in Dutch. He is named in memory of a ginger cat that Mom fownd sleeping in a pile of durt in thare garden. Thay tried to adopt him, but he tarrorized the uther too kitties thay had. Thay traded him to Mom's parents (Oma and Opa) for one of thare cats, hoo was feral and at the bottom of a five-kittie totem pole. (She thrived wif Mom and Dad.) Pompoem then tarrorized Oma and Opa's four kitties, and then Pompoen ended up being deported to Canada in 1999 to live with Oma's sister. That was a purrfect fit. Tante L and Pompoen wur furry happy toogether, and Pompoen never tarrorized anuther kittie.

This is all furry impurrtant wif tooday's Homeland Security. I don't think Pompoen, wif his tarrorist record, woold haf bin allowed offur the border now.

So, Pompoen lives on!


A New Howse!

Look wut Mom bot us- sum new reel estayte! It has eers, whipskers and a tale!
It's reely sturdy- I haf conducted sum comsumer tests on it. Yoo can get inside and make it bownse arownd, yoo can scratch at it, yoo can attak Bean and other Beans, and yoo can sleep in it. Yoo can put yur toys in thare and beet the crap owt of them. All-in-all, a vary vursatyle abode.
Bean likes to sleep in it- yoo can bearly see hur in thare. She's surt of lazy.
Mom sed she got it at Ikea fur just $6.99 (she's sort of a cheep-skate.) It is eezy to assembell, and furry lite-wate.
Mom is the best when she puts owr needs furst. She just has to remane furry fokused on that.