Owr New Squllion!


We finally adopted a Squillion! Hiz name is "Pompoen," witch meens "pumkin" in Dutch. He is named in memory of a ginger cat that Mom fownd sleeping in a pile of durt in thare garden. Thay tried to adopt him, but he tarrorized the uther too kitties thay had. Thay traded him to Mom's parents (Oma and Opa) for one of thare cats, hoo was feral and at the bottom of a five-kittie totem pole. (She thrived wif Mom and Dad.) Pompoem then tarrorized Oma and Opa's four kitties, and then Pompoen ended up being deported to Canada in 1999 to live with Oma's sister. That was a purrfect fit. Tante L and Pompoen wur furry happy toogether, and Pompoen never tarrorized anuther kittie.

This is all furry impurrtant wif tooday's Homeland Security. I don't think Pompoen, wif his tarrorist record, woold haf bin allowed offur the border now.

So, Pompoen lives on!


Lux said...

Pompoen is one cool-looking squillion - congrats on your new member! :)

Daisy said...

Hooray for Pompoen! Thanks for telling us all about him, too.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Oh what a great name!! Congrats on your Squillion!!


Caesar and Princess said...

mmmm pompoen pie :-D

We are terrifical that Pompoen got to his forever home -- finally, and he is being LOVED!

We love your squillion. Orange is the best color!

Eric and Flynn said...

We like yer Squillion Pompoen. he looks a lot like ours who is called Marmi. Mebbe they are brofurrs. They will haf to git togevver furr a chat.