My Krissmass Tree!

Here I am, admiring my beyootifull Krissmass tree. I helped Mom with efurry aspekt, inclooding placement of ornamints, hanging of garland, and chekking of lites. It took a furry long time, becuz I am furry pikky abowt whare things go.
Bean has bin cot sleeping underneeth it and messing up the tree skurt. I kno bettur than that.
We haf until the day aftur New Yeer's to enjoy it. YAY!


Fangk Yoo!

My Mom's eyes leeked frum all the messuges frum owr frends. Fangk yoo furry much fur yur warm welcome bak!

Mom has bin haffing a lot of migrane hedakes, so we haff bin bizzy keeping hur company. The wether has bin sort of depressing also. We had a cupple days abowt a week ago ware we had sum sun, and we all sat out on the balcony and enjoyed it furry much. We haff much to be thankfull fur. We are warm and fed (altho not enuf!), owr Mom and Dad are furry happy together, and we all luff eech other furry much.


I Think I'm Bak

I hope sum kitties remembur me. Mom has taken a long brake frum almost efurrything. We are dooing fine, and thanks for efurrywun that aksed aftur us. We are trying to get bak in the game! Obviusly, I am furry serius- yoo can tell by my pose.

I unnersatnd frum Mom that we are putting up owr krissmass tree next Friday. This is furry exsiting! Mom got a new fat cat ornament that I can't wate to take down. I'll be shure to take lots of pikshures!

Hope efurrywun is well, and tok to you soon!