Another Day, Another Try

I tried to post yesterday, but nothing was working out. So, onto today. Lizza had a wonderful suggestion- that I post some pictures of Kitten. Sprankeltje will get hers a little later. Thank you for solving that eternal problem of what to post today. My appreciation runs deeper than the water in my dish.

Kitten is the oldest (14,) and he is also the most beautiful. He doesn't really like to eat, so he doesn't weigh much. He was introduced in Mom's blog on 15 August 2006(Mom can't figure out how to link back to previous posts- you just can't get decent help these days!) Unfortunately he makes it very easy to pick on him. Poor Kitten.


rose said...

Hi Loki - aren't you handsome? Kitten is sweet to, but not as lovely as you! Looking forward to seeing Sprankelje.

You could post a sort of diary about what you get up to during the day. Now Chewbacca will be wanting a blog as well! I already have enough blogs - she'll have to share mine.

Lizza said...

Oh, Kitten is gorgeous too! What a beautiful coat. Mom obviously lavishes such care on you and your siblings.

INAMINI said...

rose- Thanks for coming by to visit us. I'm working on developing better blog technique, and then all the secrets will be out.

lizza- Kitten says thanks, but he's suprisingly not that into his looks. Mom does like to fuss over the old geezer!