It's Coming!

It's coming! Halloween!!!! Time for all black and orange cats to run amuck and be happy! Time for my favorite treats- deodorant, toothpaste, french fries, sunblock and perfume. I am SO looking forward to it. Mom has a bunch of pumpkins on the front porch waiting to be carved into cat-friendly sculptures, and she promised me that I can try roasted pumpkin seeds to see if I can add them to my favorites list.

What are your favorite treats?


Cecilia said...

From the name of your cats I thought you were in the Netherlands, but I see you are in DC. I'm from South Africa and spend 6 months working in the Netherlands. But am currently in Louisiana. I'm also looking forward to halloween.

One-Eyed Jack said...

My favourite treats are berries and chocolate, (really expensive bittersweet chocolate--only the best!) but I'm not allowed more than a couple licks of chocolate, because my Opposable Thumb Wench says it's not good for kitties.

We haven't decorated for Halloween yet, but my OTW promised me pipecleaner and pompom spiders and rubber bats, so I guess we're going to soon.

Daphne said...

Our home is decorated for Halloween!
And last night, Chloe got to lick the inside of an oreo! She really, really liked it -- I sniffed it, but I'll stick with trying to catch some pizza when I get the chance!
Meow for now ~ Daphne

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