I'm on Cat Blogosphere!

Hey, thanks to Merlin, we're on Cat Blogosphere! Check it out. I'm so excited that I have to take a nap. Mom gave me some goo-gaws (the slim-fast variety) to celebrate. I'm also a little nervous with the increased exposure- I've got flutterbies in my beautiful cream-color tummy!
Now I'm hoping that Mom will give us a little Matanuska Thunderstrike Catnip for a reward for our hard work. The Thunderstrike packs a particularly hard punch that makes my skin ripple!


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Hi there, Loki,
Glad to see your bloggie.
Look forward to reading all about you and your brother & sister.

Merlin said...

Yay, LOKi!

It's a really good group of kitties, they're sooo nice and fun.

LOKi said...

ml- nice to meet you!

merlin- you can never have enough kitties!

Lux said...

Congratulations, Loki! Enjoy your nap!

LOKi said...

lux- I'm already asleep!