The Things About Cats

Cats hang out with witches quite a lot;
that's not it.
The things about cats is
they're always looking at you.
Especially when you're asleep.

Some cats pretend they're not looking
until you're not looking.
They are not to be trusted.

Some cats scowl because the're wearing
imitation fur. They feel inferior.

Some other cats look at you straight on
so that you can't drink your drink
or make love
but keep thinking
that cat's loking at me straight on.

But all cats do the same
they look at you
and you look out
and in.

A cat is not a conscience; I'm not
saying that.

What I'm saying is
why are they looking?

~~ John L'Heureux


Cecilia said...

He, he. I have no idea why they are looking, but they certainly are.

LOKi said...

cecilia- doesn't it sometimes make you feel you are naked?