My Name Is Sprankeltje, And I Am A Cat

Bean wrote this about herself-
Hi, my name is Sprankeltje, which means "Little Sparkle" in Dutch. I am a Calico, and therefore weird. I was adopted from the Humane Society when I was 6 weeks old. The Humane Society had just started spaying/neutering animals before they could leave the shelter, so I had some stitches on my belly. I had an amazingly loud voice for my size- in fact I had been left at the shelter because I was "too loud." When I arrived at my new home, I just had to run up the stairs, which I had never seen before. I made it most of the way up before I went tumbling down ass over teakettle. Mom was wailing about my stitches, but they remained intact.
I was weird from the get-go. I didn't like people being nice to me- I enjoyed abuse. I wanted to be dropped upside down on chairs, being stuffed in a bag and twirled around and being pounded on. If I purred, it was purely against my will, and it meant that my body was betraying me.
I also love water. I pat it with my paws, splash around and put my paw in it and drag the dish out into the middle of the floor so Mom can step in it- it just never gets old. I love getting baths, and sit like a lump in the tub.
My nick-name "Bean" came from "String Bean" because I had long skinny legs. Those days are gone. I am guided by the hunt for constant food. I walk like an armadillo, with my back humped up. I am a stealth-eater, and I will sit immobile over a dish so that it looks like I'm not really eating. Fools them every time. Mom always says that I don't really look very bright (like I can't even hear her!) Apparently I have no pupils and I'm always looking at nothing. I have a really hard time focusing on what is happening directly around me. I like to sit in a corner and stare into it.
As time wore on (I'm now 10 years old) I began to re-think the kindness angle, but in a weird S&M-kind-of-way. I found I really, really like to be spanked, and that it was wonderful to purr while getting spanked. When visitors come over, I will approach them and assume the position to be spanked. It makes Mom sort of uncomfortable, and it's hard to explain to the poor visitors. I guess in proper society spanking is frowned upon. I'm not that smart.

It's time for me to go put my head into Mom's purse and sleep.
Yes, I like to do that.


Merlin said...

What's in that purse? Anything good?

Merlin said...

Hey, and LOKi, I told the kitties over at cat blogosphere about you! They'll be glad to know you're here!

LOKi said...

Merlin- Bean isn't exactly sure if there is anything special there- she also sleeps with her head in corners. We're just not really sure about her.
Thanks for passing us on!

Hot(M)BC said...

Hi yall! Merlin tolded us you had a bloggy here. We's furry glad to meet you. Come visit anytime at the Cat Blogosphere :)

Beau said...

I'm Beau, a tux. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! I'm sure you will enjoy it. We are a very caring, supportive group. Have you met the Calico Girls yet? Take care!!

LOKi said...

Wow, the Cat Blogosphere- who knew! Sounds like a righteous organization! Thanks for the welcome, Sanjee and Beau!

Cecilia said...

That is Torties for you. They are a little weird. But we love them.

Jack said...

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but.....I like being spanked too. But I only like it from my Opposable Thumb Wench.

I prefer to act like an angel around strangers so they think SHE'S the weird one when she says I'm evil little monster-kitty