Thursday Thirteen- 26 October 2006

Thirteen Things I Love-

1. My computer

2. My crinkly tunnel that I can ambush The Others from

3. My Mom's blood pressure machine, especially the jiggly rubber air hose

4. Going to jail

5. Having conversations, even if they are with myself

6. Looking out the front window, and knowing Mom has the front decorated better than anyone else

7. Being combed until I have only my guard hairs left

8. Having my tummy rubbed. God, I just LOVE that!

9. Reading other kitties' blogs

10. Mom caving in and letting me do things that Dad won't let me

11. Admiring the extremely handsome cat in the bathroom mirror

12. Cleaning my butt

13. Getting the first wee when Mom changes the litter boxes


Merlin said...

Those are all good things, LOKi! I like most of those things, too.

Happy Thursday!

Cecilia said...

Why do you like going to jail?

LOKi said...

Happy Thursday to you to, Merlin!

Cecilia- Oh, jail is fantastic, but it's sort of a long story. I will post it tomorrow!

Daphne said...

Hi Loki -- sorry I haven't been around lately, Not The Mama won't let me have much internet time...
I love your TT.
Especially #13 -- that's my favorite thing, too!

Your fur-friend,