Vishus Sea-Animules

Skeezix an his frends have bin bringing the problem of Vishus Deer in2 the 4front, a very importunt public survis. I wud lik to ad Vishus Sea-Animules as a furry weel thret to kitties.

When me Mom un Dad got a salebote, there wus talk uf Kitty Life Jakets so we cud join them on du watur (luckily, dat talk died down reul qwik.) I'm glad, becuz I hid under the Safety Chair and evesdroped on one of deir convursashuns, and I was affwaid, furry affwaid. Haf your paws ready to put offur your eyes- these aren't pwetty.

In de sea, thare are fish made out of jelly, and the jelly can sting yu! EEEEK. Mom an Dad see thum all the time!

Den deir are the world's biggust Octopi here, an I think they are called Octopuss's. Oh, my. Dey haf 8 legs, an are furry smart. Are they related to Pussy Cats? I think an hope not.

Ratfish- dose are sort uf self-explanatory, but I don't think I want to catch one- effun fur my Mom.

Hear is a sea-woofie, a wolf-fish. U'd think U wudn't haf to watch out for woofies under da water!

Okay, here is the wurst an most shocking (the hair on my ears is standing up strate!) there ar sharks here! I'm so scared! To think that Mom an Dad are out there... I cun only hope their will is updated, an dat we are well provided fur!

So, Fellow Felines, beware of Vishus Deer an Vishus Sea-Animules!


Lux said...

Don't worry - I don't even plan on getting my feet wet in the bathtub if I can help it!!!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, Loki, we gots lakes nearby! Are there vishus fishes in the lakes? I herda catfish an dogfish an sumfin called Muskies that the beans laff about. Shud I be afraid?

LOKi said...

luz- U sownd liek a furry smart kittie!

victor tabbycat- Du Muskies sound awfull! My mane plan is too stay awae frum all boddies uf watur. Make shur you eat lots uf treats to protect yorself!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

No werreez abowt ME encowntering any vishus see monsters, becuz I will not let even one mollykyool of water git neer me! Me going neer a bote?? Aint gonna happen, my frend! Thanks for spredding the werd abowt all the vishus things we haff to werry abowt!

One-Eyed Jack said...

I think the octopussies ARE related to us. At least, my OTW keeps calling me an Octopussycat and that I've got a squillion legs.