Cleaning Mom

Mom decided she wus going to clene howse today. I had to spend a lot of time under the Safety Chair to protect mysulf. Since Kitten an Bean hurl all the time, Mom pulls out this awful snake-hissything she calls a "stemer." It spews out hot, wet air, and then clenes all our hard wurk. Meen, meen Mommy. She got all swetty, ha-ha.
In the end, she appeesd us with sum nu orgasmic treets frum tradr jos. It wurked, an now we are happy agin.


Victor Tabbycat said...

Orgasmic treets frum Tradr Jos? We gots a new Tradr Jos an now I gots to send Mom there! Dad vacuumed Bonnie's puter chair today. When Bonnie hurls, I eat it so there's no mess fur Mom to clean up. What??? The food's practicly bran new.

LOKi said...

victor- yu ar a reel gud kittie fur cleening Bonnie's hurl. Mom just asked me if u want to cleen hurl here to. Canya cum over? Yu'll get treets!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi! We read about you ofur at the blogosphere and I wanted to introduce myself. Hi! *waving* I'm Hendrix. I hope you enjoy kitty blogging as much as I do!

I'm sorry your cousin kitty passed away. Being 23 years old, she must've been loved efur so much. My mommy said we pets can live to be a hundred and it isn't long enough.

Mu shue Pooh The King Cat King cat said...

oh we hate it when mamma cleans but we luff trader jes liilly used to luff thre toona and shrimp food. i get oragic treats right after mypill pocket treat every night