The Joy of a Cleen Howse

Mom cleened (fownd) the coffee table, and she fownd sum reely cool stuff. There were at leest two nip bananas, Orgasmic treats from Trader Joe's, some string, sticky tape, and some battery candles! The candles are kool becuz we can walk on them and not light ourselves up. Neeto!

I'm hoping she cleens next behind the fridgefrature. I'm shure there are snakes, spiders, and my favorite, big edible wasps. It's fun to watch Mom compleetely lose it when I get them in my mouth.

It's too bad Mom and Dad don't get thare milk in plastic bottles ennymore- the bloo rings frum them were the best!

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Pierro said...

dear Loki and Sprankeltje, it is soooo very good to hear from you again. So much has happened at our happy place. Caesar and Princess are at the bridge and we know they are happy finally to be together again in each other's arms.

It is wonderful to know that all of you are doing so well. Happy Birthday to your mom. The olde clockie is really pretty.

we have a dutch blogger friend that lives in Holland. She is really cute and adorable
Her blog is http://anya-kareltje.blogspot.com/ you will love it.

bonks and happy week-end