Burfday Clock

For Mom's 50th burthday- she screams EEEEEK- she got a wonderful anteek clock from Holland. I no it is broken at leest a little bit becuz it duzn't have a tail for the pen-du-lum.

It rings reely nice when it is hour-thirty and when it is hour. It has the dubble-feeture of keeping Mom and us awake, at leest efurry 30 minutes.

It even tells us when the moon will be smiling. *Please excuse picture quality- clock high, Mom short*

Mom is so happy with it! Her Oma had one, and so now her howse is that much more a little Dutch.

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Eric and Flynn said...

Welcome back Loki. We were very surprised when we saw your comment after all this time. The clock is lovely. Happy New Year to you and your family.