My Mom has bin crying a lot this mourning. She wuz furry sad to heer abowt Libby. Mom cant hanndel deth furry well, speshuly kittie deth. She thinks uf all hur speshul kittie frends frum hur life, an rememburs how much joy an luv she has gottun frum them. Hur kitties haf saved hur life menny times.
Libby an all uther kitties will remembered always.


Lizza said...

I'm so sorry about Libby. Now you and Kitten and Sprankeltje try to cheer up your Mom, ok? Meow her some nice Christmas songs. Or maybe Abel's "Onderweg"--I love that song. Oh, wait. That one's kinda sad. Better stick with the Christmas carols.

Lux said...

My mom's like that, too, Loki ... I hope your mom feels a little better now.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

My lady was vary vary upset abowt Libby, and her face leeked a lot. It was a hard week for her becuz of Smudge, too. I kurld up on her sholder and purrd reel lowd, hoping that wood help. I think it helped a littul