My Tante's Kitty

My Mom has been looking at some of owr pitchers, and she fownd the most wunnerful shot of one of her sister's cat. This is Tiger, and he is stylin' in his bed. Pleese take note of how carefully he tucks himself in.

Now, me. I'm a more laid-bak, devil-mae-kare kind of guy. I like to grunt, moov my paws, shake, rattle and roll wile I'm sleepin'. I also luv to tok and stik my tung owt.

According to Mom, I even rolled off the cowch wunce.



I no we haf been out of tuch for qwite awile. We are getting cot up, and we see that many of owr blogging buddies haf gon to The Bridge. We are furry saddend by this, and we want efurry one to no that we miss them furry much.
R.I.P., all owr old frnds


The Joy of a Cleen Howse

Mom cleened (fownd) the coffee table, and she fownd sum reely cool stuff. There were at leest two nip bananas, Orgasmic treats from Trader Joe's, some string, sticky tape, and some battery candles! The candles are kool becuz we can walk on them and not light ourselves up. Neeto!

I'm hoping she cleens next behind the fridgefrature. I'm shure there are snakes, spiders, and my favorite, big edible wasps. It's fun to watch Mom compleetely lose it when I get them in my mouth.

It's too bad Mom and Dad don't get thare milk in plastic bottles ennymore- the bloo rings frum them were the best!

Burfday Clock

For Mom's 50th burthday- she screams EEEEEK- she got a wonderful anteek clock from Holland. I no it is broken at leest a little bit becuz it duzn't have a tail for the pen-du-lum.

It rings reely nice when it is hour-thirty and when it is hour. It has the dubble-feeture of keeping Mom and us awake, at leest efurry 30 minutes.

It even tells us when the moon will be smiling. *Please excuse picture quality- clock high, Mom short*

Mom is so happy with it! Her Oma had one, and so now her howse is that much more a little Dutch.

I am jus' trying out writing agin. Rite now I am hogging the heter and becoming a noodle. We have had snow here for the last week, and it is reel pretty to look at. Bean is sittin' in the kitchun, as usual.
I haven't kept up with my frend's blogs, so I haf to start up agin.
We hope efurry one has a happy new year, wif lots of peace!


Good-By Mu Shue

We are so vary sad about Mu Shue going to the Bridge. He was owr oldest and best frend on the innernet. Mom's eyes are leeking vary bad. Mu Shue was the best man-cat, and Mama Laura loved him so.
We know you will always look over Mama Laura, Lilly and Iris, and the twins.
Til we see you again...Love LOKi and Bean